Eczema In Babies

Allergies and Eczema in Babies

Some researchers have linked food allergies with eczema in babies. Although early on in the life of a baby, its hard to detect what may trigger a flare up of eczema in babies. Most food allergies account for 1/3 of the cases of eczema in babies. Therefore it is important to monitor what your baby eats to see if a breakout will follow. Nursing mother definitely must watch their diet and pay close attention to changes in their babies skin or behavior. There is a saying what you eat is what you wear. As parents, it is our responsibility to watch what our babies digest.

The most common food triggers for eczema are eggs, milk, peanuts, cheese, soy, and wheat. Among these, eggs are probably associated the most strongly with eczema. Because of the high number of eczema patients who have food allergies, studies recommend that food allergy screening be a part of testing anyone newly diagnosed with eczema, especially children.

Allergy testing to determine whether food allergies are a trigger for eczema in babies can be useful in helping ease symptoms of eczema. If you or your child have eczema and found through testing to be allergic to a particular food, strictly avoiding that food may help you reduce eczema symptoms. Families may be disappointed, though, to find that a food allergen-free diet isn’t a “magic bullet.” Not everyone with food allergies and eczema finds that abstaining from food triggers eliminates or even substantially alleviates their eczema.

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Try removing milk and other dairy from your babies diet for at two weeks to see if this may be a trigger. Goat milk is alternative to cow milk and some researches suggest that it’s easier to digest and helpful alternative for eczema in babies.

Stay away from peanuts and peanut butter. This is a top food allergen. Nursing mothers especially should not eat.

Some seafood and shellfish may trigger a breakout. It is important to get a food allergy test to find out specifically which food group contribute to a breakout of eczema in babies.

In an addition to food allergy, other factors can cause an allergic reaction in children. Clothing and the weather are triggers to eczema in babies. Adopting natural organic cotton could help. Avoid wool, or other rough fabrics. During the winter months, make sure you keep your baby’s skin constantly moisturize. Try not to over dress them in the summer as the heat can trigger a flare up too. Use sunblock on your babies skin.

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