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Gluten-Free for Eczema in Babies

In the most recent years, gluten-free diet has been popular among children and adult who suffer from wheat allergies. As food allergies has been link to causes of eczema, more reasons has come to monitor and change a person’s diet to avoid the constant discomfort and flare ups of eczema. Having a allergy test done can detect which allergies may react with eczema in babies.

In fact eczema is one of the most common symptoms of food sensitivity. Sensitivity to wheat, seafood, nuts, eggs, or soy is quite rare but can cause eczema in babies and adults. The top

Recent findings show that a common cause of eczema is Casein (from milk) which is known as milk protein allergy. Another common cause of eczema is Gluten (from wheat, rye, barley and oats), know as Gluten intolerance. Wheat contains the highest concentration of gluten.

Gluten is a sticky protein found in cereal grains, such as wheat, rye, and barley, that makes the goods that contain it light and fluffy, which is very desirable to those who enjoy it. Unfortunately it has been linked to many symptoms related to diseases and imbalances of the body such as celiac, heart conditions, skin disorders (i.e eczema), cystic fibrosis, autism, ADD, ADHD, weight gain, cravings, anxiety, confusion, PMS, acne, diabetes, headaches, numbness, restlessness, congestion, mental fogginess, and so many more.

Since everyone is biochemically different, many people are not aware they are sensitive or allergic to wheat. Children are especially difficult to diagnose because so many of their favorite foods contain wheat, such as fried foods, sandwiches, pasta, mac and cheese, pizza, gravy, cookies, cake, ice cream cones, some candy, and many packaged foods found on the shelves in grocery stores. Gluten-Free Snacks

For eczema in babies, the best way to avoid wheat and gluten is to feed you and your baby meals made from fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, fresh beans and high quality meats. To understand the tolerance of eczema in babies, it is best to refrain your child from the food allergies they are intolerance to for at least two weeks to see improvement. It is recommended to remove all food allergies from their diet for a short period time and observe any changes. As a child gets older, they may be come more tolerant of their food allergies and can add certain foods back into their diet. You may notice that if you add certain foods, you can monitor how much of an reaction or flare-up your baby may experience. Read the labels of any meals being purchased. For store bought meals manufacturers are now putting on the label if the product contains wheat or has been processed in factories where wheat/gluten is also being processed. More restaurants are offering gluten-free menu items. Research and try gluten-free recipes and diet. Here is a link to some products that are gluten-free.
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