Eczema In Babies

Natural Treatments of Eczema in Babies

Watching your baby’s diet can contribute to the health of your skin. Monitor your infants diet and pay attention to any changes in their skin. If you notice your baby react badly after a certain food was fed to them, try to stop giving that to them and look for alternatives. Certain allergic foods you should be closely watched. Peanuts, soy, shellfish, fish, eggs, milk, wheat are some allergic foods. If you are nursing, and eating these foods, watch if your baby developed any reactions.

Extra virgin olive oil-(EVOO) is another home remedy used to treat eczema in babies. You can apply it to the affected skin as often as you need it. It works to bring back moisture into the skin and also helps soothe the skin, relieving the pain associated with eczema. Use this after an oatmeal bath to achieve maximum results. It is also a great way to use on your baby’s scalp to treat cradle cap. I use daily as a hair moisturizer.

Shea Butter is an all natural product, no chemicals, no alcohol, no petroleum.  Shea butter has been very useful in minor skin ailments and is loaded with vitamins A, E and F which nourish the skin and help make it healthy. It has been used and seen to be a highly effective treatment for eczema, burns, psoriasis, rashes, severely dry skin, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and more. From a personal experience it help lessen the irritation of my baby’s skin, keeps my baby’s skin very moisturized, and seem to enhance the healing process when my child was recovering from bad eczema breakouts.

Bleach Baths has been used in some treatments of eczema in babies. Please advise to be careful with bleach around your young ones because most bleaches are hazardous if ingested or inhaled. Also consult your child pediatrician before attempting to treat your child’s eczema with any form of eczema treatments.

According, to an article by Time Magazine a research was done published by Pediatrician Journal. There were studies were performed on patients with moderate to extreme cases of eczema. The range of these patient were from 6 months to 17 years of age. At the end of these studies, scientist were able to come up with a simple basic plan that would allow patients with moderate to extreme case of eczema to take advantage of bleach baths. Here is a plan as follows:

  • Bleach Bath should be taken twice a week.
  • Add 1/2 cup of bleach for every 40 gallons (U.S) of water.
  • Immerse limbs and torsos, leaving the neck and head above water, for five to 10 minutes. Do not swallow the bath water!
  • Pat body dry. Do not rub yourself dry due to the risk of scratching open sores which can lead to nasty infections.
  • Apply a heavy coat of moisturizer on to skin.

Aloe is a powerful plant that has been used for many skin conditions. It is gentle and soothing on the skin. Using raw Aloe gel to rub on your babies skin for different level of irritation. For eczema in babies, try apply a small amount and rub on the skin after a bath. I would also recommend one product that is safe for babies called California Baby Aloe Vera Cream. It is recommended for eczema, rosacea and other skin irritations.

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