Eczema In Babies

Sleepless Nights…Eczema in Babies

Eczema in babies can be very bothersome. It is very uncomfortable for babies. Emotionally is can be a strain on parents as well. Eczema in babies tends to have babies restless at night and they do not get enough sleep. Therefore parents do not enough sleep. These tips can help mommy and baby to sleep better at night.

It is very important before bedtime to make sure your baby’s skin is moisturize to prevent them from over scratching and aggravating their eczema. At bath time, try adding an unscented, non perfume oil to the baby’s bath water. Extra virgin olive oil is good. You can also try 100% pure Shea butter oil. Bath your baby with a mild non-scented and non perfume soap. Damp dry your baby’s skin and immediately moisturize your baby’s skin with a cream all over the affected areas. Use your prescription medicine as prescribe.

Some studies suggest that clothing can play a major role in eczema in babies. Therefore using 100% cotton is recommended or even 100% organic clothing. Always prewash your babies clothing in a laundry detergent Free & Clear of dyes and perfumes such as Seventh Generation.